Plant City’s Pumpkin Headquarters

Look no further for the best pumpkin patch in Central Florida than at the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze!

Did you know that the United States produces about 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins a year? We here in Plant City grow a significant amount of those and we know several ways to make those pumpkins useful. If you’re looking for the best pumpkin patch in Central Florida, look no further than our ranch. To that end, we’ve made a list to help you make the most of pumpkins, and some of these options are available here at the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze.

  1. Make Crafts:
    Try painting them with your own unique style. Whether it be a solid color to match something in your home or made to look like your favorite character from a movie/book. You can pick and choose according to your liking and then create away. Another way to decorate would be to carve them. You could choose from a variety of facial expression or if you want to be extremely creative try carving an intricate landscape scenery to place on your front porch during the fall months.
  2. Eat, Eat, and eat some more:
    Everyone loves to eat! That’s why we have many treats available for purchase (make sure to bring some cash) from local vendors during our event. But why not eat pumpkin from our selection in the patch? You can eat it in a pie, you can eat it in a cookie, or you can eat it in a roll. There is no end to the many ways pumpkin can be baked. In fact, it can also be baked as an ingredient in a cake or in bread. Pumpkin soup is even a possibility or try the snack way by baking the seeds to eat after you’ve carved the pumpkin.
  3. Decorate your house or office space:
    According the Pinterest, pumpkins make great decorations. You can get a small once to place in the window or use one of the ones you’ve decorated to put by the front door. They also look great as a centerpiece for your table surrounded by some fall leaves or white and gold flowers. Another thing to try would be to stack them in a flower pot, then set it on your front porch for a great Fall decoration.
  4. Give as a gift.
    Painted Pumpkins can be given to parents, grandparents, teachers, or bosses, and they make great fall “Just Because” gifts. You can paint it with a clever saying or tape a family pic on it and cover it with glitter or colorful flowers. It is a kind gesture and a sure way to give appreciation.

How many of these ideas have you already done? Try something new and let’s pumpkin out this Fall 2018. Come join us for some family fun any weekend in October at the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze.

These events have become
our favorite family tradition!

We've been coming to the corn maze for 5 years now and it has become such a pleasure to share with our son as he has grown. Thanks for putting together this memorable adventures and fostering such a great family environment.

Daniel C.
Plant City, FL

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