Have you ever wondered about how the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze is Designed

After 6 years of designing different mazes for your enjoyment, we are proud to announce that this year (2018) we have given the project over to the Geomatics program at the University of Florida Campus in Plant City. They have taken on this project and as a token of our appreciation we are proud to donate scholarships toward their program


How the Geomatics program works:

According to the UF/IFAS geomatics programs web page “The Geomatics program was started in 1973 at the behest of the Surveying Profession in Florida. The program retains geographic distinction as the only full-service Geomatics program in the southeast United States, and is viewed as a program of regional, national and international impact. The program has developed name recognition nationwide through its research program, faculty publishing in journals and faculty participation at national meetings. The strong practice-based undergraduate program has been supplemented with sponsored research activity that finds direction and solution to a wide range of issues.”

We submitted the project to the Geomatics program and Chelin, 30, and Tim, 47, graciously accepted the challenge. Chelin has a degree in Biology but is looking to enter the field of surveying and become a licensed surveyor. She took on this project to get real world exposure to the world of surveying and is having a lot of fun in the process. Tim is looking to start his own surveying business. He’s been doing it for 15 years but would love to branch out on his own. He is currently studying Hydrographic surveying. Both have been very efficient, and we are beginning to see the progress of their work.

First, they laid out each boundary with their survey equipment to attain the correct measurements. Then the design process started with a grid and some measurements, then lines began to form within that grid. Chelin didn’t want the maze to start where everyone had to follow each other, so she tried to give options right from the beginning. She says, “In some mazes you can put your hand on the right wall, follow it, and you’ll get out eventually. My design isn’t like that, if you do that you’ll end up walking in circles.” It’s all about making the right choice as she spread it all out and designed it with a sense of disorientation by including paths that loop back on themselves.


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We've been coming to the corn maze for 5 years now and it has become such a pleasure to share with our son as he has grown. Thanks for putting together this memorable adventures and fostering such a great family environment.

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