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Ag-Venture (2020)

Did you know that research shows when children experience the process it takes to grow their own food in the outdoors, they are much more likely to taste and enjoy it? Some have even been known to challenge their parents to try what they have grown. 

That is why this year on Opening Day, October 10th, 2020, Fox Squirrel Corn Maze and one of  our sponsors, the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau, will be hosting an Ag-venture for you and your children. 

This Ag-Venture will allow you a “hands-on” learning experience and teach you about the importance of agriculture. The goal of Ag-Venture is to help children develop an understanding of where food comes from and the impact agriculture has in their daily life. 

There will be six different stations and by visiting them, you’ll receive a mark in your passport. The stations at the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze will feature making butter, planting seeds, learning the water cycle, and much more. Once you’ve visited all 6 stations, you will be rewarded with an official Ag-Venture hat from the Hillsborough County Farm Bureau. 

While this amazing adventure is included in the price of admission and everyone is welcome to experience it, the hats will be handed out on a first come first serve basis so make sure you arrive early enough. 

We look forward to seeing you here on the ranch on October 10th, so you can take part of this experience and help your children develop a love for agriculture and those vegetables that can often be difficult to convince them to eat. But when they grow it themselves, they will be much more willing to give it a try.

For more information about our fall maze in Plant City, check out our website.



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What to expect when you arrive 2020

If you’re planning  a trip to the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze, we want to help you be prepared and show you how to get the most out of your day. 

Before you arrive: 

For the 9th annual Corn Maze, we are proud to introduce an online, contactless method of purchasing tickets through our website,  So, before you arrive print out your tickets and have them ready to go when you get here, you must present a ticket.  You’ll also want to pack some sunscreen and wear closed toed shoes as this is an outdoor event. Once you’re packed and ready, head on out to the ranch. You’ll know you’re here when you pull down a dirt road and are immediately surrounded by the incredible beauty that is the Single R Ranch. After parking under our towering oak trees, proceed to the ticket booth and entrance to start your adventure. 

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5 Exciting Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors. (2020)

After being quarantined to our homes for most of the summer, we are all anxious to get out and see the world again but we want to be sure to do this safely. That’s why we here at Fox Squirrel Corn Maze want to share with you some of the exciting health benefits you’ll receive by spending the day in the great outdoors here at the ranch. Health benefits include: 

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